Campus Sustainability Plan

Our vision and leadership commitments to sustainability...

*New* Plan Revision Launches Fall 2017

The Campus Sustainability Plan is revised every five years. The next plan will help guide our efforts from 2018-2023. What is your vision for a sustainable campus and community? Come to interactive workshops to explore and share ideas for the creation of a sustainable campus in areas like water, food, transportation, diversity & inclusion, health & well-being, and leadership. 

Join the Steering Committee
Are you a student interested in helping lead engagement for the plan?
Join our Steering Committee - send an email of interest by Feb 10th 2018.

Participate & Share Feedback

New revisions to the plan include the following goal topics:

  • Climate Leadership (Leadership, Adaptation, Neutrality)
  • Creating a Sustainable Campus
    - Buildings & Energy
    - Food
    - Land & Water
    - Transportation
    - Purchasing & Waste
  • Campus Community (Inclusion, Health & Well-Being, Engagement & Empowerment)
  • Living Laboratory & Learning (Public Engagement, Demonstration Projects, Research)

The creation of the Plan is stewarded by committees and focus teams of the President's Sustainable Campus Committee and feedback is open to all members of the Cornell community.

About the Plan

Each of us has a role to play in re-imagining the way we learn, work, and lead our lives, integrating sustainability into the culture of the university. The Campus Sustainability Plan is a guiding document to support our goals and commitment to creating a sustainability living laboratory, and modeling innovation for a low-carbon, sustainable, and just future.

Current Plan

The current plan for the Ithaca campus outlines strategies; governance and current efforts, including goals and targets for Focus Teams; grassroots initiatives; and opportunities ahead. From large-scale energy savings projects to small recycling endeavors, Cornell is a living laboratory where doers meet thinkers and learners.