frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if my office shares a common space such as a kitchen or copy room?

A: If your department has no control over items purchased you can mark this NA. However, if it is a team effort and you have influence over purchasing you can mark it either yes or no.

Q: Where do I purchase EcoStrips?

A: EcoStrips may be purchased through e-Shop from Vasco Brands Inc. – search for ‘ecostrip’ or product  # ECS1503.  They are labeled EcoStrip Energy Saving Surge for $39.20/ea.

Q: Where do I purchase CozyToes Foot Warmers?

A: CozyToes foot warmers may be purchased through Vasco in e-Shop – search for ‘cozytoes’. They are labeled Cozy Toes Foot Warmer for $56.06/ea.

Q: Where do I find a sustainability focused video to show at our staff meeting?

A: Click here for various educational sustainability focused short movies.

Q: How long is the Green Office certification valid?

A: The certification is valid two years from the submission date.

Q: How do I re-certify my office?

A: Visit to download a new checklist.

Q: How do I get more light switch covers or other materials?

A: Click here to request “Flip It” light switch covers.

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