2018 Fall Energy Smackdown Competition

Compete, reduce energy, win prizes!


EnergySmackdown is an annual 6 week competition for the Cornell campus to reduce or eliminate energy use in our personal lives and between buildings. Win prizes, learn how to conserve, and together as a campus we can focus on learning behaviors that help us reduce our carbon footprint.

Cornell University is committed to carbon neutrality by 2035. That means we all have a role to play in reducing our energy use and changing behaviors. Together, staff, faculty, and students can co-create an enduring culture of sustainability on campus - for our people and our planet.

2018 Competition -more details coming soon.............

Compettion Dates: Monday, October 15th - Friday, November 30th, 2018

Energy Smackdown: You look like a million kilowatt hours

Can we reach a million?! Cornell is getting energized for its annual Energy Smackdown competition where students, staff, and faculty will compete for 6 weeks to cut back their energy use on campus – an important step towards achieving a carbon neutral campus by 2035. This year, we’re aiming to lose big – 1 million kWh over 6 weeks, that’s the equivalent of 140 homes’ energy use for a full year! So keep an eye out for our Top 5 high impact energy savings tips for residential, office, and lab spaces. You can also keep track of our energy use (and renewable energy production) across campus year-round using our real-time metering data.

So how will you be energy smart? You’re encouraged to act alone and in groups, so start planning today for what changes you’ll make in October and beyond. Could you wash your clothes in cold water only? Hang up your clothes instead of using the dryer? Take colder and shorter showers? Unplug your computer and phone chargers as soon as they’re done charging, every time?

What’s easy, and what would be a challenge?

Feel like a million bucks, help save a million kWh.

How to Participate:

Individuals can participate, but you can also compete as a building. Organize a team in your building to compare results week to week! Here's how to get started:

Every week, each building’s energy consumption and standings results will be posted on the Cornell Building Dashboard. All reductions compare to a unique baseline for each building.

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