The BIG Paper Cut

Reducing paper waste is just the beginning...

The BIG Paper Cut focuses on easy changes that can help Cornell reduce our paper waste.

Reduce your paper waste by...

water faucet icon

Cut the paper cup

The average office worker uses 500 paper cups each year.

Tip: Bring your own reusable mug or bottle. Water bottles are also available for purchase from The Cornell Store and many CU Dining locations. Remember to look for bottle filling stations that are closest to you.

Don’t print it…..SYNC it.

Take advantage of Cornell’s many document editing sharing apps available for faculty staff and students. Using these programs will eliminate excessive printing and save departments money on paper purchasing.

Tip: Use Cornell Box or other collaboration resources to store documents and collaborate with on and off campus partners. Box is CIT-supported and all Cornell faculty, staff and students automatically get 10GB of FREE space.

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Get to know your recycling bin.

Know what you can and can’t recycle on campus. Cornell uses single stream recycling, so all your recyclables (paper, cardboard, tin, glass and plastic) go in the same bin. It’s that easy!

Tip: Know where your recycling bins are in your workplace. Make sure bins are properly labeled.

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Two sides are better than one.

Double sided printing can cut your normal paper use by 50%. If you need to print, do it on both sides.

Tip: Contact your CIT department to make sure your office or network printers are set to default double-sided printing.

Tip: Set a scratch paper basket in your workplace to encourage paper reuse for as many print jobs as possible.

recycle bin icon

Put paper in its place.

A variety of paper products can be recycled in the blue “desk side” recycling bins and public area recycle bins.

Tip: The following paper items can be recycled anywhere on campus:

  • White paper, colored paper, newspapers
  • Magazines, junk mail, catalogs, glossy paper
  • Spiral notebooks, phone directories, cards
  • Wrapping paper, hardcover books, boxboards
  • Flatten corrugated cardboard