Green Ambassadors

Peer education is essential to a sustainable future...

SpringFest activities at Ho Plaza and in the HE Commons (Credit: Mark Vorreuter)

Green Ambassadors are college/unit staff and faculty interested in community well-being and sustainability. Green Ambassadors create themes as part of the Think Big, Live Green College Engagement Program that reinforce sustainable behavior throughout their workgroups that are part of the TBLG campaign. These themes are designed to support the goals of Cornell’s Climate Action Plan and make students, faculty, and staff more aware of their actions and operations. Each theme has a set of actions, programs, and/or games associated with them to increase community engagement and increase the likelihood that people will adopt the targeted behaviors. The Green Ambassadors are also responsible for fostering peer-to-peer education, giving advice, and promoting campaign programs and initiatives within their units.

Green Ambassadors also help facilitate the Green Office and/or Green Lab certification(s) for their workgroup and space.