Two Communications Internships: Earn College Credit and Advance Campus Sustainability Efforts

Seeking Cornell Communications Majors or Minors interested in Sustainability...


Sustainability Communications Intern position open to all Cornell Communications Majors or Minors. Two intern positions available for Fall, Spring, Summer.

The Cornell Campus Sustainability Office works with faculty, students, staff and community members to catalyze Cornell's transformation into a sustainable campus, including its energy infrastructure. Being a Sustainability Communications Intern (SCI) is one of the many ways to contribute to the University’s sustainability efforts and commitment to eliminate carbon emissions by 2050.

The Sustainability Communications Intern (SCI) will work with the Campus Sustainability Office (CSO) to help communicate news, events, and campaigns about the Cornell Campus Sustainability efforts via  New Media  (including, but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). The SCI will also reach out to  the 10 President’s Sustainable Campus Committee (PSCC) Focus Teams leaders for input and review of content relating to the particular focus area. The Campus Sustainability Office (CSO) will review posts, memes, etc. as appropriate.


1) Elevating the "reach" of  campus sustainability news/events/campaigns using New Media.

2) Monitor/Analyze strategies currently used to communicate campus sustainability news/events/campaigns.

3) Recommend methods to improve our communication outreach.

4) Outreach to the President Sustainability Campus Committee (PSCC) Focus Teams to assist in telling their stories.

5) Create report (PowerPoint or Prezi ok) at end of semester about what strategies worked, and make suggestions.

Contact: Lisa Hogarty, Campus Sustainability Office,, (607) 255-6375

Excerpts from Cornell Department of Communications Internship Information Packet

Q. What is the internship course (COMM 4960) and how will it help me?

A. Internships give you practical experience in your field. They also provide important contacts and good references for your portfolio when looking for that first job.

Q. When should I apply?

A. For summer internships you should enroll during the spring period for credit in the fall semester. If you participate in an approved internship during the summer, you will receive credit for it during the fall for it during the fall semester. If you have an internship in Ithaca during the school year, you should enroll for it during the semester of the internship. You will receive credit for that semester.

Q. How many credits

A. Each student can receive one credit for approved supervised work experiences. You can earn up to a maximum of 1 credit per internship for up to 2 internships (2 credits total).

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