Tompkins County Commercial Energy Now: Winter 2015 Newsletter

The partnership between the Cornell Cooperative Extension and Tompkins County Chamber has resulted in nearly 1200 local commercial buildings taking advantage of lighting subsidies from NYSEG...


Ken Schlather, Cornell Cooperative Extension
Jennifer Tavares, Tompkins County Chamber

Over the past 12 years, Cornell Cooperative Extension of Tompkins County has cut its electric use by 60% even while increasing the number of staff (and workstations) by more than 100%-- and it did so on a limited budget where cash flow, margins and profits are under assault just as in small businesses. The Chamber has invested in significant energy reduction measures over that same time frame, and has recently conducted a fresh energy audit which will help schedule even more improvements for 2016 and beyond.

To date, the partnership between the Chamber and CCE has resulted in nearly 1200 local commercial buildings taking advantage of the lighting subsidies from NYSEG. Combined they have easily saved over a million kilowatt hours/year, or over $100,000 a year. With the tools financing and knowledge that we have available for energy efficiency right now, we know that there is over a $1 Million in annual savings that businesses are losing right now. We hope that continuing our partnership to produce this newsletter will help us prevent those losses, and help achieve the County’s short and long term energy efficiency goals.

Energy is one of those overlooked areas in small businesses that, while seemingly minor, can have a very significant long term effect on the bottom line. While energy is a relatively small percentage of any of our overall budgets, it’s an expense line that is relatively easily and permanently addressed. Any adjustment today pays off well into the indefinite future.

Energy efficiency and renewable energy represent a great opportunity to generate jobs, expand existing businesses and grow new businesses. We look forward to providing you and your business the resources needed to invest in energy efficiency, match you to programs and financing options, and to support our private sector in maximizing the business development potential that the energy efficiency market provides.

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