The Atkinson Center and Environmental Defense Fund Internship Program

Seeking graduate students and qualified undergrads for Summer 2016


This is an exciting opportunity for young scholars to contribute to finding solutions to today’s urgent environmental challenges, while working with leadership at one of the nation’s top results-oriented nonprofit organizations. EDF advocates using sound science, economics, and law to find environmental solutions that work.

These paid fellowships/internships will begin in summer 2016 for approximately 10 weeks in EDF offices in Boston; San Francisco; Washington, DC; and New York City. Graduate students and qualified undergraduates are encouraged to apply.

Application Deadline: April 21
Decisions: Late April

Please review the full description of the individual internship by following the links below.

  • Submit applications by email to Paula Euvrard,
  • Attach your application as a single PDF file.
  • Application must include a cover letter addressed to the EDF contact with a brief explanation of your qualifications and interest, followed by your CV or resume.
  • Optional: you may include a brief writing sample.
  • You must attach a separate PDF file for each internship, if applying for more than one.

The Atkinson Center will review the applications and forward top candidates to Environmental Defense Fund.

Atkinson-EDF Summer Interns
1. Bridging the Attitude-Participation Gap in Environmental Engagement
Location: New York, NY
Supervisor: Rainer Romero, Senior Scientist – Office of the Chief Scientist

2. Economics of Groundwater Management
Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Supervisor: Matthew Zaragoza-Watkins, High Meadows Senior Economist – Office of Economic and Policy Analysis

3. Effects of Dairy Cow Health on Production, Economics, and Environmental Sustainability
Location: San Francisco, CA
Supervisor: Claudia Arndt, Postdoctoral Fellow – Office of the Chief Scientist

4. Measuring Impact – Fisheries Solutions Center
Location: San Francisco, Boston, or Raleigh
Supervisor: Kent Strauss, Manager, Diagnostics and Design, Fisheries Solutions Center – Oceans Program

5. Research and Writing for EDF Climate Corps Handbook, 7th Edition
Location: Boston, MA
Supervisor: Ellen Shenette, Analyst – EDF Climate Corps

6. Understanding the Psychological and Social Drivers of Illegal Fishing in the Upper Gulf of California
Location: San Francisco, CA
Supervisors: Rod Fujita, Director of Research and Development – Oceans Program; Rainer Romero, Senior Scientist – Office of the Chief Scientist

Iscol-EDF Summer Interns
7. The Environmental Footprint of Dairy Cattle
Location: San Francisco, CA
Supervisor: Claudia Arndt, Postdoctoral Fellow – Office of the Chief Scientist

8. Building a Carbon Pricing Resource Center – Global Climate Summer Intern
Location: New York, NY
Supervisor: Ruben Lubowski, Chief Natural Resource Economist – Global Climate

9. Clean Energy, Grid Modernization
Location: New York, NY
Supervisor: Mina Berkow, Senior Policy Analyst, Clean Energy – US Climate & Energy Program

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