Take a Bite out of Carbon Pollution with Touchdown the Vampower Slayer!

In recognition of Campus Sustainability Day, October 23, join with other Cornellians to reduce our carbon footprint by checking your office outlets to eliminate wasted energy...

Touchdown the Vampower Slayer unplugs an empty laptop charger to prevent it from wasting energy
Touchdown the Vampower Slayer unplugs an empty laptop charger to prevent it from wasting energy

Vampire power (a.k.a. standby power or phantom load) is the electricity many gadgets and appliances waste just by being plugged in, even if they're switched off. These energy-thirsty devices need continuous electricity for features like clocks and programmable functions, and to support remote controls. In the United States alone, vampire power costs consumers more than $3 billion a year and contributes to millions of tons of carbon pollution.

On Campus Sustainability Day, Oct. 23, join with other Cornellians between noon and 1 p.m. to decrease vampire power by checking all office outlets and eliminating standby power use wherever possible.

Then, on a regular basis:

  • Unplug devices that are used infrequently, and at night, over weekends, and during holidays
  • Remove chargers from the wall when you’re not actually charging
  • Plug your devices and chargers into a power strip, turn off the power strip and/or put your power strip on a timer
  • Buy Energy Star qualified electronics – vampire power is taken into account
  • Make sure you’re using the off switch - some electronics come with two power switches, one puts them in standby mode, one turns them off
  • While you’re at it, turn off unneeded lights!

For more information on the ways in which Cornell is addressing climate change, see the Climate Action Plan.

Find more energy saving tips:

  • Energy Office Guide – strategies to Green Your Office from Cornell’s Think Big Live Green campaign
  • What You Can Do – tips from Cornell’s Energy Management Group
  • Energy Resources – information from Tompkins County Cooperative Extension
  • Building Dashboard – interactive tool provides real-time utility data and information for many Cornell buildings
Just one Cornellian eliminating the vampire power associated with their computer and peripherals is equivalent to the carbon sequestration provided by one tree.

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