Southern Tier Regional Economic Development Council Funds Cornell Energy Efficiency

Cornell funding is for energy improvement projects and energy efficiency studies...



Anjelika Romeo-Hall

Department of Natural Resources

Class of 2015

The Southern Tier Regional Economic Development Council has recently announced that they are awarding Cornell University $616,000 to advance in energy efficiency projects and studies. In doing so, this will help to help the university achieve its goal to become carbon neutral by 2050.


Through the funding made possible by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) $476,000 will be granted for energy improvement projects and $140,000 for energy efficiency studies. The $476,000 would leverage over millions of dollars in investments yet would yield a reduction in energy costs by $512,000 annually. Several projects were recently announced that would work with energy efficiency in the areas of Guterman Climatic Laboratory and Greenhouse Complex, Kroch Library, and the growth chambers in over 13 different buildings.


The Guterman Complex is thus far the project receiving the most funding from NYSERDA. The awarded funding of $285,000 is anticipated to conserve $3960,000 in energy costs. Funding can be considered to be a relatively stable due to the legitimacy and widely acknowledged strides that Cornell is taking in order to cut carbon emissions and lower energy costs. Many of the state leaders and members of the council have attested to that. For instance, Senator Thomas F. O’Mara remarks of Cornell’s progress in his statement “Our region continues to be proud that Cornell University stands at the cutting edge of technology, the forefront of innovation and research, and, through these efforts, remains a leader in forward-looking advances in energy efficiency and productivity.” Additionally, state Assemblywoman Barbara Lifton stated, “I welcome Cornell University's example for the community, state and nation in its goal to become carbon neutral by 2050. We need to take steps now to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, at the risk of increased climate instability, and I am pleased that the Southern Tier Regional Economic Development Council recognizes this urgency in providing funding for Cornell's energy efficiency projects."


The relationship between NYSERDA and Cornell is not a new one. Is in one that has existed for 10 years of cooperation and support in working on dozens of projects that include energy efficiency education, applied energy research, and improvements to various Cornell projects. Such a relationship assures that Cornell is backed by a supportive funding source, thereby enabling them to further push for a carbon neutral campus.

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