Intern Positions with Cornell’s Solar Development Team

Looking for students who want part-time experience in renewable energy construction this fall...


Solar PV Construction Management Assistant Intern Positions with Cornell’s Solar Development Team

  • Commercial-scale ground mount project on the Geneva campus
  • Rooftop projects on the Ithaca campus

Location: Cornell campuses in Ithaca and Geneva, NY

Internship Description:

ABM, a key partner in developing Cornell’s solar PV projects, is looking for Cornell students who want part-time experience in renewable energy construction this fall. These individuals will be the Project Manager’s assistants on site. They’ll spend time on the site, help inspect the quality of the work, and document the work progress. They’ll be around the important decision-makers and get a feel for how “real world” construction takes place in the field.

Hours worked per week is flexible, 20-40 hrs/wk is possible. The hourly pay rate will be $15-$17/hr. The Construction Assistant intern responsibilities include assisting the Project Manager with the overall day-to-day supervision of field related construction activities. This includes:

  • Ensuring that all projects are performed in accordance with contractual and quality standards;
  • Assist scheduling the daily activities of work and taking necessary action to assure that the project objectives of cleanliness, safety, price, schedule, quality and process are met;
  • Maintaining daily paperwork such as timecards, field reports, schedule updates and E-mail correspondence to keep the various people involved with the project informed of important issues;
  • Implementing incremental project schedules that make sure upcoming events are on track and are being proactively attended to;
  • Promoting and maintaining a culture that values safety, health and cleanliness.
  • Conducting and/or attending pre-construction, progress and other project and staff meetings.
  • Participating in training and other forms of continuous improvement initiatives.

Interested candidates should submit resumes via email to: Reginald Hodges,, Sr. Project Manager, RenewEnergy Solutions

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