Slope Day 2015 - No Chance of Wrappers and NO it's NOT MAGIC!

Waste was significantly diverted and reduced thanks to student efforts…

Slope Day 2015
By Jenny Ferreiras '17, Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System™ (STARS) Assistant

After an exciting day of music and festivities attended by a whopping 14,000 people, Cornell students proved that big events can be fun and sustainable at the same time. This is thanks to student organizers who successfully maximized Slope Day 2015 waste reduction and diversion.

Not only did students coordinate an amazing group of volunteers for waste collection, but they also provided water bottle refills throughout the day, and worked with vendors beforehand to ensure that all waste was recyclable or compostable; the result of which was clear.

Chance the Rapper, Magic!  Performed at Slope Day 2015
Chance the Rapper, Magic! Performed at Slope Day 2015

By the end of Slope Day, volunteers collected 40 cubic yards of single stream recycling, 20 cubic yards of compost, 20 bags of plastic bags to recycle, and only 3 bags of landfill. As a result, these measures have received more positive student feedback and appreciation for waste reduction efforts than any other event, and set a precedent for Cornell’s future.

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