Recyclmania & Campus Conservation Nationals Kickoff Celebration

Students came out to Willard Straight to show support...





Campus Conservation Nationals

Kicked off on February 4th in Willard Straight Hall

The celebration was hosted by the Class Council of 2014, and joined together clubs and student groups including Take Back the Tap, the Society for Natural Resources, Greeks-Go-Green, the Sustainability Hub, the Compost Club, Energy Core. Cornell Departments joined in as well, including R5 Operations, Energy and Sustainability, and Cornell Dining.

Recyclemania brings together nearly 525 schools, more than 4.4 million students and nearly 1 million faculty and staff to participate in 47 states, the District of Columbia and Canada. Schools compete in 11 categories to see who recycles the most on a per capita basis; which produces the least amount of waste; and which recycles the largest percentage of their overall waste stream. The competition runs through March 30.

Campus Conservation Nationals (CCN) is the largest nationwide electricity and water reduction competition on college and university campuses. In its third year, CCN gives a common voice and motivation to hundreds of thousands of students, all working together to reduce consumption and mitigate the impacts of climate change.

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