Plastic Bag Use Down at Cornell Store!

You can make a difference...

Cornell Plastic Bags-5 cent fee

By Jane Kim, '16,  Major: Communications, Sustainability Communications Intern

We’ve got good news. Since April 22, 2013 (Earth Day) until September 27, 2013, the new Cornell Store plastic bag 5 cent fee accumulated  $1,522.60 for the Green Revolving Fund (GRF).  There has been a significant reduction in bag use!

Do you consider yourself to be someone who is always prepared? Whether it would be being prepared for class by being on time with a laptop or notebook out to take notes, or being prepared for an interview by having your elevator speech ready and questions for the interviewer carefully thought out? Are you prepared to be a responsible citizen of our planet? There are many things you can do. And perhaps you are already doing a few of the things, or many things to make a change. Or maybe you are a pessimist and don’t feel that just because you stop drinking bottled water won’t do much to save our world’s resources. But you can! Just look at what happened in the 5 month effort at The Cornell Store.  Start  (or continue) to carry a reusable bag whenever you go shopping, or even just having one folded up in your backpack. You never know when you’ll want to stop by The Cornell Store to buy a book or some Cornell gear. And you’ll save 5 cents for each plastic bag that you don’t request! Either way you will be contributing to the sustainability effort on campus by contributing to  the Green Revolving Fund or using a re-usable bag! But the second route is much more valuable because that is a direct way of helping our Earth.

Facts about The Cornell Store:

  • Plastic bags are optional at the checkout locations so many customers already decline bags and use their own backpacks or tote bags.
  • There are plastic bag recycling drop-off locations accessible in the store. The Cornell Store was the pilot site on campus for the first plastic film collection process at Cornell.

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