Olin Chemistry Research Wing Energy Conservation Project Saves $246,000 and 440 Tons CO2 Annually

We replaced and upgraded controls throughout the facility areas...

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We replaced all space controls which were at end of life and not performing correctly with new controls and re-commissioned to new occupancy based airflows. We replaced 88 variable air volume boxes in areas where old boxes no longer worked. We replaced all reheat control valves to electric valves. We installed airflow stations on main exhaust system along with new controls to monitor exhaust airflow. Control logic was added to sum up ventilation air on supply boxes.

“The HVAC controls upgrade for the Olin Chemistry Research Wing was a complete success on multiple levels. Your team was able to correct building deficiencies with minimal disruption to the building occupants and associated research activities. The building is now safer, significantly more energy efficient and has the added benefit of a user friendly control interface.”
David R. Neish, Facilities Manager Chemistry and Chemical Biology

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