NFL Star Rallies Crowd, Men's Basketball Game Achieves 96% Waste Diversion Rate

Greening Cornell Athletics Event Success...


On Saturday, 2/26, Cornell Athletics hosted pre-game pizza and a chat with two-time Pro Bowl NFL player, Ovie Mughelli, and three-time NCAA champion, Alice Henly, of the Natural Resources Defense Council about greening Cornell Athletics. After that, the Cornell basketball game went green! Ovie rallied the crowd with a "BIG RED, GO GREEN" chant an fans helped ensure that 96% of our waste was diverted from the landfill.

Here are the statistics:

· 17 lb. of compost (mostly popcorn bags, napkins, and food scraps)

· 65 lb. of recycling (mostly soda bottles, coffee cup lids, and paper and cardboard)

· 3 lb. of landfill (mostly candy wrappers, straws, and some plastic (non-recyclable) bags from nachos)

Thanks to everyone involved, and keep your eyes out for more green Cornell Athletics activities in the future!

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