New Resources and Targeted Campaigns Highlight Procurement Services’ Sustainability Efforts

Ongoing effort with suppliers and the lists of sustainable products should continue to grow...


As members of the President’s Sustainable Campus Committee Purchasing Team, Procurement Services strives to create a successful program that encourages social responsibility and environmental sustainability with specific Cornell suppliers and with our purchasers across campus. We have been busy expanding our website, conducting outreach efforts, updating the Buying Manual, and enhancing e-SHOP.

We have added to our website a list of sustainable products, which includes computers, biosafety cabinets, centrifuges, consumer electronics, copiers, document shredding, flooring, growth chambers, incubators, inline water filtration systems, lab refrigerators, light bulbs, office supplies, ovens, paper and compostable products, peripherals, printer and copier paper, shakers, rollers, rockers, rotators, thermal cyclers, ultra-low temperature freezers, vacuum pumps, and vehicle rentals.

Recently, we conducted a campaign to reduce the purchase of virgin paper on the Ithaca campus. The top 50 purchasers of virgin paper were identified and were sent a letter along with samples of 30% and 100% recycled paper provided by Staples, our preferred supplier for desktop copy paper. Additionally, our preferred suppliers for multifunction copiers and printers certified that the new equipment installed on the Ithaca campus is compatible for use with recycled paper.

We have also created a new Buying Manual section – Section 408, Sustainable Purchasing. This section defines green certified, recycled, and Energy Star standards and promotes energy-efficient purchasing decisions. We encourage you to utilize the new flags in e-SHOP that identify green-certified, recycled, and Energy Star products. We are working with a group of suppliers to ensure that their catalogs are updated to include these flags. This will be an ongoing effort with suppliers and the lists of sustainable products should continue to grow.

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