Like food? Like the planet? Do you enjoy getting covered in compost?

Apply for the Cornell Dining Student Sustainability Coordinator ...


Cornell Dining has a position open as a Student Sustainability Coordinator that might just be the job for you!

Deadline April 30, 2013 to apply

This job that has been hailed as "the best on campus!" If you are interested, please send a resume and cover letter to Ava Ryan ( and Chelsea Tucker (cmt99) by April 30.

Job Description: Cornell Dining Student Sustainability Coordinator

Consistent with Cornell University's mission in promoting environmental sustainability on campus, the Student Sustainable Coordinator (SSC) shall address issues relating to environmental sustainability in the Cornell Dining Enterprise. The coordinator will work on projects related to:

Purchasing and tracking: help track and promote local food purchases as well as work with the purchasing department to help search for alternative, eco-friendly products to use in the dining locations.

Oversight/management of waste (landfill, recycling, and composting): oversee and track post-consumer composting at the units that compost as well as look to expand composting into all dining locations.

Energy efficiency: manage and update the Energy Assessment excel tool, measure results to track progress, continue to do unit audits (as needed), and be the central contact person for the energy efficiency initiative at the dining units.

Marketing: manage and update the Unofficial Cornell Dining blog and Facebook page to promote the sustainability dining initiatives on a bi-weekly or monthly basis as well as help develop consistent marketing messages with the Marketing department.

Research: research and suggest new areas for improvement in environmental sustainability for Cornell Dining. Review all research and project requests focused on any environmental sustainability issue (e.g. local food sourcing, food waste) from student groups or courses,or individual students.

Special projects/events: As a representative of Cornell Dining, help to coordinate various sustainability events on campus especially Earth Day and Slope Day.

Collaboration and Integrations: The SSC will attend Student Assembly Dining Committee and Food Focus Team meetings whenever possible. The SSC will collaborate with other students, staff, and other members of the Cornell community to initiate or enhance environmental sustainability efforts of Cornell Dining. SSC will, often on an ad hoc basis, work with leadership of Sustainability Hub, Dean of Students office, Take Back the Tap, Building administrators, and other groups to coordinate and make efficient the many projects that happen on campus.

SME: SSC will act as a “Subject Matter Expert” to respond to queries from student and community groups as well as other colleges and institutions with regard to Cornell Dining’s initiatives.

Other duties: as assigned.

Qualifications: A successful sustainability coordinator has superior writing, communication, and time management skills.

SSC must be interested in environmental sustainability issues and their applications on campus; Must be fluent in Excel, Powerpoint, and Word applications. The coordinator will be expected to work approximately 10 hours per week for at least one full academic year. S/he will work with the current student coordinator to help transition into the job.

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