Ithaca Sustainability Newsletter - May 2016

Ithaca Sustainability works towards reducing GHG emissions in City and Town of Ithaca government operations and community-wide...



We hope you enjoy this month's assortment of news and events.


The Sustainability Center Re-Opens
The Sustainability Center Board of Directors is proud to announce that the Center is back in action in its new space in the Ithaca ReUse Center at 214 Elmira Road. Visit the new webpage at to learn about the latest community events taking place at the Center, or to get involved.

The Possibility Applied Fund
The Fund supports artists, entrepreneurs and activists who have an idea to transform themselves, our community and/or the world. Individuals can apply to receive personalized support including coaching, access to experts and services, free studio and living space, help with travel expenses, and monetary grants. Learn more here.

NYS Electric Vehicle Rebate Program
The recently adopted New York State budget includes funding for an electric vehicle (EV) rebate program. The rebates would provide up to $2,000 per vehicle for individual buyers and $5,000 for local municipalities. Learn more here.

Tompkins County Climate Protection Initiative Documents Local Success
In the 2015 TCCPI Report, you will find documentation of the work being carried out by over 40 local member organizations, to fight climate change and accelerate our transition to clean energy. Learn more about TCCPI here.

Energy and Economic Development Task Force Seeks Public Comment
Over the next five years, what key issues do we need to address locally to advance Tompkins County’s greenhouse gas emissions goals while supporting the growth of jobs and our economy? The Energy and Economic Development Task Force Draft Report addresses this question, and is available for public comment through May 27. More info here.

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