Ithaca CRT (Compost, Recycling, Trash) Coordinator Opportunity

Volunteer coordinators to make the magic happen at events...


Ithaca CRT (Compost, Recycling, Trash) is currently recruiting coordinators to help with our efforts at events. Coordinators help check-in volunteers who staff our educational sorting stations, set-up/close stations (depending on shift times), monitor bins, and answer volunteer questions during an event. While this sounds like a long list, really it represents variety in task as most events we work with are a relaxed pace.There is also opportunity for coordinators to help with pre and post event planning as well, if that is of interest.

Our next event is Ithaca Fest, May 29- June 1, and if interested, this could be a great way to test it out. Not only is CRT work really rewarding for the educational waste reduction opportunity, but it is also a great way to feel like a part of each community event we participate in.

If you have any interest, would like more information, or know of someone who may be interested, email:

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