Haiti Abroad Experience - A Service-Learning Experience

Applications due Sunday, December 20th...


The 41ST CARIBBEAN STUDIES ASSOCIATION CONFERENCE ‘Caribbean Global Movements: People, Ideas, Culture, Arts and Economic Sustainability’, taking place June 5th-11th , click here to apply. Applications are due Sunday, December 20th.

The theme of the 2016 conference – Caribbean Global Movements: People, Ideas, Culture, Arts and Economic Sustainability – proposes a focus on the various movements that identify the Caribbean as located firmly in the global currents, while also repositioning questions of knowledge and sustainability. It also offers a space to think through the centrality of Haiti in these movements and how we can envision and plan future movements. It is expected that the conference will give the opportunity to showcase the history, wealth and diversity of Haitian scholarship (institutional and independent), which has contributed to unconventional and needed responses to issues facing the country and the larger Caribbean. Overall, this conference will examine how Caribbean global movements operate, as people, ideas, and cultural arts from the Caribbean continue to have transnational impact.

2016 Haiti Abroad Experience Application

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