The ‘Energy Smackdown’ is on

A university-wide energy competition to see who can lower electricity use in campus buildings!


The Energy Smackdown is Cornell's fall energy reduction competition. Every week during the competition, each participating building’s energy consumption and standings results will be posted on the Cornell Building Dashboard.

Smackdown dashboard snapshot

Anyone can use Cornell’s Building Dashboard to track energy use for the “Think Big, Live Green” Energy Smackdown contest – which started November 23rd for Campus and November 25th for the Cornell Infrastructure, Properties and Planning Department (their first year participating!).. The contest will focus on reducing plug load, turning off lights and finding new ways to save electricity. It runs through December.

For the last 3 years, Cornell Energy & Sustainability has led a competition to encourage students and staff to reduce their personal energy consumption. Over time, the name, rules, and incentives have seen several revisions but the exponential growth in energy savings is consistent. Last year’s competition boasted 20% reductions in some communities with an overall savings of $22,000 by the participating buildings. Since its inception, the Energy Smackdown's efforts have amounted to an estimated $235,000 in avoided energy costs… how low can we go?

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