Emerson Heat Recovery Energy Conservation Project Saves $25K and 48 tons/per CO2e Annually

New air flow, temperature controls and return ductwork were added to the system...

Emerson Heat Recovery Saved $25K

The office and general space relief air was ducted to the lab's outdoor air intake which converted the existing 100% outside air supply system to a "mixed air" system.  The laboratory space exhaust is not returned and leaves the building through dedicated exhaust.  New air flow and temperature controls along with return ductwork were added to the system.

The reuse of conditioned air from offices is a common practice in new facilities and will have a huge benefit in reducing the carbon footprint of Emerson Hall.  In addition, updating the building HVAC controls provides increased functionality as well as contributing to a reduction in energy use.
Brian Flannigan, Facilities Manager, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Click here to read the project summary (pdf).

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