Duffield Hall Control Upgrade Energy Conservation Project Saves $221,500 & 550 Tons CO2e Annually

Energy study found that many space controls were not functioning properly...


An energy study of this energy intensive laboratory building dedicated to nano-science found that many space controls were not functioning properly. New space controllers, network wiring, and logic upgrades now allow full functionality of control logic that varies laboratory and general space airflows and temperature setpoints based on occupancy. Relief air from general space conditioning now reduces mechanical room heated ventilation air.

The new controls will reduce routine maintenance costs along with providing energy savings and increased laboratory safety.

"This was a very challenging project to complete in a fully operational lab building, but we did the work as this project is critical to our efforts to reduce energy usage in our buildings with the extra benefits of decreasing maintenance and increasing safety. We are really happy with the results and the ability of the ECI team to work in a fully functioning highly complex laboratory environment."
Bill Bader, Facilities Director College of Engineering

Click here to read the project summary (pdf)

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