Donate by Sunday: CALS Students Kickstarter Campaign to Stem Plastic Tides

Plastic Tides is a film project aimed at engaging everyday people with the issue of plastic pollution...


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"Having both grown up enjoying water sports, we feel a responsibility to work towards protecting our playground for generations to come. Along with a group of three other friends who are athletes and devoted conservationists like us, we will travel to Bermuda for a ten-day, muscle-powered, stand-up paddle expedition to be launched on June 8, World Oceans Day. This expedition – named Plastic Tides – is dedicated to raising awareness about coastal plastic pollution. As part of our mission, we will collect scientific data for the marine microplastics project sponsored by Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation. We also ultimately hope to inspire other passionate watermen and women to get out there and stand up for the environment!

Plastic Tides was conceived in the fall of 2012 at a National Geographic Young Explorers workshop at Cornell University. The workshop really opened our eyes to what was possible, and that afternoon the ideas began to flow. Bermuda’s location in the Sargasso Sea and North Atlantic Trash Gyre makes it the perfect place for documenting breathtaking natural beauty alongside the ever-growing presence of coastal plastic pollution.

The expedition will include seaweed documentation in collaboration with the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Science (BIOS), as well as local school visits."

You can support the project on Kickstarter by becoming a backer. The project's Kickstarter page notes:

"Our expedition will combine adventure and hard science to capture plastic pollution in stark contrast with natural beauty, while making valuable contributions to the scientific community that is driving positive change.

Our story will bring you up close and personal with Bermuda's coastline and the Sargasso Sea as we paddle-board around the island to show you the effect of plastics in the marine environment. More importantly though, we will showcase the phenomenal efforts being made to stop it, how we're contributing to the solution, and how you can too.

Your donations will allow us to outfit our team, travel to Bermuda, and hire the necessary support to make a professional production.

Click here to back Plastic Tides on Kickstarter and to learn more about the project.

You can also check out the Plastic Tides website, or follow the effort on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to learn more and find out how you can become involved in saving our precious coastal waters from pollution.

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