Cornell Procurement Services is Growing Greener

Procurement Services is very pleased to be leading one of the ten focus teams for the President's Sustainable Campus Committee...


By Jessica Anson via Cornell Procurement Services, 11/1/2012

Procurement Services is very pleased to be leading one of the ten focus teams for the President’s Sustainable Campus Committee (PSCC). In support of the sustainability initiative, we have led or participated in the following projects:

  • Implemented a $50 minimum for all office supply orders.
  • Consolidated copier paper ordering with one supplier, reducing trucks on campus overall and negotiated better pricing on recycled paper.
  • Redeployed used office furniture items using the Asset Inventory Management.
  • Implemented electronic invoicing (e-Invoicing) to reduce printing of over 70,000 paper invoices.
  • Helped the R5 Group establish recycled battery stations, used oil collections, etc.
  • Collaboratively with R5, negotiated waste bid and single-stream recyclables to reduce containers on campus and, thereby, reduce waste fees and labor costs.
  • Purchased janitorial cleaning products in bulk rather than in pre-measured packets to reduce packaging material waste.
  • Negotiated a preferred supplier agreement with Hill & Markes for approved compostable products.
  • With assistance from VWR International, implemented recycling of pipette tip boxes across campus, thereby, diverting tons of plastics from landfills.
  • Incorporated sustainability performance as part of our supplier scorecard process.
  • Negotiated a preferred carpeting supplier agreement with ProCarpet, a leader in the use of recycled materials in carpet manufacturing, distribution, and installation.
Please visit the Sustainability pages of the Procurement Services website for more information on this program.

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