Cornell has a New Reuse Program

STACS - System for Trade & Auction of Cornell Surplus...





STACS, the System for Trade & Auction of Cornell Surplus, is Cornell University's new reuse program managed by Facilities Services' R5 Operations Department.

The purpose of STACS is to:

  • Provide an accessible and equitable program for distribution of material
  • Reduce landfill waste, and support both Cornell’s and Tompkins County’s waste diversion goals.
  • Increased exchange of materials internally between campus departments.
  • Support Cornell University’s Strategic Plan’s to: “Make environmental sustainability a guiding principal in the stewardship of the university’s facilities and resources
STACS has TWO components:
  1. An online PUBLIC auction system, for surplus materials no longer needed on the campus.
  2. An online system for internal reallocation of university owned materials. Click here for directions to access to the materials available for internal reallocation (a valid Cornell faculty or staff NetID and password are required).

Important Note: STACS is designed specifically for distribution of NON-capital materials and does not change or replace any function of the Capital Assets Transfer System (CATS).

Click here for more information about STACS & other Reuse programs at Cornell.

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