Athletics High Bay Lighting Upgrade (9 Buildings) ECI Project Saves $161,000 and 806 Tons CO2 Annually

We replaced high bay lighting with LED in 9 buildings....


We replaced high bay lighting with LED in Lynah Rink, Bartels Hall Newman Arena and Ramin Multipurpose room, the Friedman Wrestling Center, Oxley Equestrian Center, Teagle Hall pool and gym, Grumman squash courts, Helen Newman pool and gym, Barton Hall and Stocking Hall. The new fixtures last 5-7 times longer and use 1/2 the electricity of the old fixtures with much higher light levels.

"Every student-athlete wants to play in the best environment possible, and the new LED lighting enables that. Photographs look more crisp, and the video is more colorful. The ability to light the Newman Arena court is on par with major college facilities across the country."
Bill Courtney, Robert E. Gallagher ’44 Head Coach of Men’s Basketball

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