AguaClara Featured in Forbes Magazine for Katerva Award

AguaClara wins the Urban Design category for the 2012 Katerva Awards...


AguaClara is featured in Forbes magazine after winning the Urban Design category for the 2012 Katerva Awards.

The Katerva Award, which Reuters has called the Nobel Prize of Sustainability, shines a global spotlight on the year's most promising sustainability ideas. The first water filtration system of its kind, AguaClara’s gravity-powered plants purify water without the use of electricity. The program’s affordable technologies currently provide clean drinking water to over 30,000 people in Honduras and that number is only expected to increase. Cornell won one of ten People’s Choice awards, in the Urban Design.

This kind of exposure marks a turning point for the Cornell research program and for municipal water treatment plants around the world.AguaClara prides itself on being an open source technology, meaning all of their designs are scaleable and available online. The shared nature of AguaClara's design reflects the group's commitment to promoting social and economic welfare through sustainable technology. It's only a matter of time before other institutions begin mimicking AguaClara's electricity-free water treatment system.

Created by Cornell engineers, the program continues to further develop sustainable water treatment technologies. AguaClara's invention of the Stacked Rapid Sand Filter among other notable design features demonstrate students ability to make lasting contributions to the global community.

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