EcoRep Class

Join ALS 2000 and become a campus educator for sustainable living...

Do you want to get academic credit while making a real difference on campus? Are you looking to get practical experience in sustainability leadership and peer education? If so, Leadership for Campus Sustainability is the class for you!

ALS 2000: Leadership for Campus Sustainability is a 3 credit service-learning course to develop leadership and peer education skills while improving campus sustainability in the residence halls. During the semester each student will serve as a Cornell EcoRep, a program leader and role model for a specific North Campus residence hall. As an EcoRep you will learn how to plan, coordinate, and implement sustainability education activities in collaboration with residence hall staff. You will work with other students in and outside the class in developing your competencies in persuasion, education and community based social marketing.

Course details: Tuesdays-1:25pm-4:10pm

Sarah Brylinsky ( - Campus Sustainability Office
Michael Hoffmann,Prof. Michael Hoffmann ( - Cornell Institute for Climate Change and Agriculture (CICCA)
Karel Hilversum ( - Team & Leadership Center
Amy Kohut ( - Team & Leadership Center

Teaching Assistant

Reasons to take the Leadership for Campus Sustainability course and to become an EcoRep:

  • Become a more effective student leader
  • Learn about the psychology of behavior change and how to develop effective campaigns
  • Get practical experience in education planning, peer education, and event planning
  • Get involved in current sustainability initiatives at Cornell
  • Make a difference in the residence halls
  • Collaborate with a network of Cornell faculty, campus and residence staff, and students
  • Make lasting connections with students and faculty who share common interests

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