Engineering Goes Green

Engineering is taking a lead in campus sustainability by launching the Think Big, Live Green College Engagement Program...

Way to go to Carpenter Hall - winners of Energy Smackdown & Dean's office - Level 4 Green Office
Way to go to Carpenter Hall - winners of Energy Smackdown! Plus the Dean's office achieved Level 4 Green Office!

The College Engagement Program develops leaders through the Green Ambassadors program and uses monthly themes and college specific data to educate the Cornell community on sustainable actions. Each monthly theme focuses on a different area of resource conservation. Starting with the College of Engineering, the College Engagement Program is essential learning how to Think Big and Live Green at Cornell.

Check out the initiatives below to see what we’re doing to “green” Engineering…..

September: The Big Paper Cut October: GREEN Your Workplace November: The Energy Smackdown December: Setback = Payback

Cornell Recylemania April: Unplugged 2014


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