CU Reuse

CU Reuse is a more sustainable and sturdier way to pack your to-go lunch from Okenshields...

CU Reuse is a student organization that is working to bring reusable to-go containers to the campus dining halls. The students strive to reduce campus waste created by disposable containers like the ones distributed in Okenshield's to-go program and Trillium. Many other colleges have a reusable container system, and the members believe that as a leader in sustainability, it's about time Cornell did too! Since the organization's formation in Fall of 2015, they have been researching how to best implement a reusable container system at Cornell. In collaboration with Cornell Dining, they will be piloting with the organization's plan to implement a reusable container program in Fall of 2016! They would love to have help and support from around the campus in implementing this exciting initiative, either by joining the merry CU Reuse group or by helping members to pilot this program in the beginning of Fall 2016. For more information, please contact Karen Ceballos at

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