Cornell Thrift

We want to see re‐usable clothes, homeware, electronics, and small furniture going into homes and not trashcans ‐ all year round...

  • Cornell Thrift's mission is to improve student welfare and reduce campus waste through the redistribution of reusable personal items.
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  • Cornell Thrift was founded in 2015 in response the continuing and continual tendency to discard instead of reuse. Inspired by "free piles" in university co-operative houses, along with the annual Dump n Run sale, Cornell Thrift aims to nurture the synergies between reducing waste and improving student welfare through exchange on an ongoing basis.
  • Thrift's objectives are as follows:
    • To reduce the volume of solid waste on Cornell’s campus via reuse of unwanted personal or group items.
    • To improve student welfare via provision of opportunities to acquire items at little or no cost.
    • To provide and facilitate for the exchange of such items.
    • To engage student organizations and the campus community at large with programs and workshops that encourage reuse-and-recycle behavior as norms.